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Alabama Storm Shelters

Bama Storm Shelters is an authorized Alabama Storm Shelters dealer for LIFESAVER Storm Shelters™

Lifesaver Storm Shelters™ offer safer, more comfortable shelters for our Alabama storm shelter customers.  Because of this, storm shelter customers will actually use our safe underground storm shelters without hesitation if severe weather strikes. Many underground concrete or metal shelters go unused by their owners because the interiors are often scary places. This defeats the purpose of having an underground shelter which you and your family should not hesitate to use during severe weather.

Other storm shelter manufacturers use wood, concrete or metal all of which over time will crack, leak, rot and rust allowing water, insects, rodents and snakes to enter the shelter as well as providing an environment for mold or mildew to thrive. Metal shelters can also be dangerous as they can conduct electricity from downed power lines or lightening. Our shelters are made of fiberglass, stainless steel hardware, and a plastic honeycomb composite floor system that won’t rot, leak, or conduct electricity.

Standard features of our underground storm shelters include screened vents and door seals to keep out unwanted pests, non-skid steps, handrail, carpeting, molded bench seating and a glossy white gel-coat finish, similar to modern bathtub linings, for your comfort and safety. Easy to open multi-point door locking system with gas struts provides an easily accessible shelter for people of all ages.

Lifesaver Storm Shelters™ only protrude eight inches above the ground and can be installed in a single day in most cases without large machinery, meaning there is minimal damage to your lawn or property. As an optional feature, phone, cable / satellite TV or electrical wiring can be added to your installation for your comfort and peace of mind.

We encourage you to question our competitors’ construction, features, and price and compare it with ours. We are sure you will find the perfect Alabama storm shelter to fit your needs and will appreciate the distinct advantage of becoming an owner of a Lifesaver Storm Shelter™


Standard Features

  • Built in USA
  • Shelters meet or exceed FEMA 320 specifications
  • Heavy duty fiberglass construction
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Gas struts for easy door opening
  • Screened vents keep pests out
  • Water-tight door seal
  • Stainless steel multi-point door locking system
  • Composite flooring will not rot or rust
  • Carpeting
  • Fiberglass non-skid steps
  • Handrail

Common Applications

  • Residential Homes
  • Manufactured / Mobile Homes & Parks
  • Small Businesses
  • Day Care Centers
  • Retirement Homes
  • RV Parks & Campsites
  • Churches
  • US Government & Military Facilities
  • Local & City Government Facilities